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Maintain accuracy with MED
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  • MED will automatically check for errors and prevent duplication
  • MED builds drawings and TAGS from project data
  • MED can use your own standards and drawing files
  • MED automatically records revision and commit history

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Amount saved by using MED


works in all CAD formats

Import your own client CAD blocks, MED compiles your drawing templates

Based on the project data process media selection, process blocks are inserted to BS ISO standards

CAD blocks inserted into the P&ID open in all major CAD software

Allows simple revision of project blocks and easy application of new blocks

All technical drawings are exported as DWG file formats

Modular Engineering Development Strengthens good working practices

  • Input process equipment details at the point of tender
  • MED eliminates inconsistent TAGS by auto-generating unique equipment TAGS as items are added to the project
  • MED records project updates enabling you to view every project revision from your dashboard
  • Engineers input data at a single point significantly improving accuracy, efficiency and streamlining your projects
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Upcoming features in development

The expansion of MED is developed closely with manufacturers and suppliers:

Component Markets Integration

MED has real time suppliers costs enabling automatic price comparisons

PLC Function & Logic

MED compiles rows of PLC code based on project equipment schedules

Electrical Schematic Diagrams

MED has automatic completion of electrical schematic diagrams

BIM Management

With project specific details, BIM data is easy to manage

3D Operation and maintenance manuals

MED dynamically creates manuals with tool tips and 3D images


MED compiles SCADA function blocks and visuals at the point of tender

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